Working Frida

Yesterday I received another pretty incredible stroke of kindness from the craft world. KatyRenee had a contest a while back on her blog and I won. I was able to select an image and she said she’d whip something up for me. Of course, I looked to my creative idol — Ms. Kahlo.

Gift box from Katy
Frida in a box
So happy with my new Frida fabulousness

Why yes, I am in love. Thank you Katy!

To see why Frida inspires me, check out some of these images. I have tentative plans to spend some time in San Miguel de Allende with mi amigita Alma next Fall visiting Frida’s studio. Holy guacamole, that would be the trip of a lifetime. Frida’s story, and many others, do make me believe that many great artists often find inspiration from tragedy. Thankfully, I admire their work in my sphere of happiness (while wearing awesome accessories.)


{NaNoBlogMo is officially kicking my butt. Who knew blogging everyday for a month would be tricky for a girl who never shuts up? Yeah. I’m surprised too.}