Running like an Amazing Race star between terminals gets you on your flight, but does not do the same for your luggage.
Running through a Johannesburg “Woolworths” to buy a few things to last you “just overnight until your bags arrive” is fun but makes you feel even more like a pampered foreigner. Finding out the next day that while you will continue on to Mozambique, your luggage won’t follow for several days at best, makes you feel heartbroken and lousy for those who helped provide so much joy to what you packed.
I’m trying to keep a positive outlook. Cross your fingers for us please.
In the meantime, tomorow I’m out working with our field officers in the rural villages. I’m certain to be overwhelmed by the poverty and disease, as I am every time I visit one of our project sites. When this becomes normal, something has gone awry. Tomorrow I want to wake up with a renewed energy to find solutions to these problems, and the humility to realize just how incredible it is to be in Africa.
When life misplaces your luggage, realizing you have more on your plate and in your heart that you can already manage brings out one of your greatest possessions. Last time I checked, the airline couldn’t misplace my smile. Although they seriously tried this week.