I splurged on a point and shoot camera a couple weeks ago. It’s tiny, silver and fits in the pocket of most pants. I purchased this camera to take on hikes, long runs and to keep every day in my purse with the SLR is just too much to lug around.

And I’m so glad I did. Finding the best point and shoot camera can take some time, as there are a lot of cameras on the market. With that being said, it’s about knowing what to look for in a camera that will hopefully make the decision process a lot easier.

While I shouldn’t be splurging on anything other than packing tape and giant Sharpies at the moment, I’ve already thoroughly enjoyed this new toy. Coincidentally, my running schedule has fallen off precipitously with three weeks left to move. My life has been a steady stream of WORK 11 HOURS, CRAM FACE WITH FOOD, SLEEEEEEEP. WAKE UP AND EAT. Rinse and repeat.

Cherry Cricket

So while I haven’t been doing much photographing while running, my little camera has become my CRAM FACE WITH FOOD companion. I will always see food as art.

Lunch with Charlie

And lunch yesterday with Charlie at the Cherry Cricket provided the perfect opportunity to mildly embarrass yet another friend by photographing our food.


If you are an SLR photographer and have an extra $100, I cannot recommend this camera highly enough. At Costco, I found the best deal.

{Also — the test and interview went really well. It has been a long time since I’ve been that nervous, but I think I did well. We’ll see!}