Welcome to Peru

Let’s cross the border into Peru already, shall we?

Alma and Kelli on the Bolivian Peruvian border

Alma and I were fresh off the bus from La Paz in this photo, standing on the border and wondering if we were crazy to have just agreed to drive all the way to Cusco that day. The bus ticket was only $15, but the ride was 14 hours long, with few to no stops and no restroom on the bus. We were entertained, however, with vendors who would board every now and then selling their wares. Most were selling warm food, including grilled llama and guinea pig. We held our bladders and our hunger until we arrived at our destination.

Lake Titicaca with Andes in the background

Lake Titicaca is beautiful. And huge. And apparently very cold. While we didn’t visit the floating islands, we were able to see some incredible views from the bus.

Peruvian women, before and After

One of my favorite photos from the trip. A view of old and new Peru, via the women and their dress.

Licorice for the first time

I feel like this little boy should have had a sign that read, “Kelli was here.” I gave him a piece of red licorice and he was ohsopleased. He and his mother rode next to me for several hours on one of the bus trips.

Weaving his bag

I met this man on a different Peruvian bus. He was weaving a bag he planned to sell in the market.

A man weaves a bag while riding on the bus
Mural in Ollantaybamba municipal building4

Colorful mural in the Ollantaytambo Municipal Office.

Incan warrior, Aguas Calientes

Statue in Aguas Calientes, Peru. I teased Alma this was her Incan warrior boyfriend. It was funny the first time, but apparently not the 100th.