frenchie bag

The new Amy Butler Frenchy pattern. It is fantastic! Love the shape, the directions are clear and the size is just right.

I am officially calling a close to NEW REQUESTS to help with the Mozambique Goodwill Goody Bag request. If my calculations are right, I’ve had more than 1,000 offers for goody bags and more than 2,000 people read about this little project. Simply amazing! If you have received my mailing address by email — I can’t wait to see what you send. If I haven’t sent you an email, I will be traveling to South America in August. If you are interested in sending a goody bag to a child in Bolivia, let me know. And thank you!

{Updated: To be clear — if you have contacted me this week and offered to help, I hope you will! If you are just reading about all of this for the first time, I think I’ve got this round covered.}

The FedEx man delivered two huge boxes of goody bags yesterday. Already! Thankfully I am traveling with two friends who have volunteered generous space in their luggage for this project too. And by “volunteered,” I mean I called them and said, “Um, you know how you get a carry on and two pieces of luggage? You just get the carry on.” Thankfully they are interested in shopping and are happy at the thought of two empty suitcases to fill and bring home. This solves my problem of paying up the wazoo to get all of these supplies abroad. Mozambique doesn’t have a postal system in Beira. Shipping isn’t an option.

To answer one more popular question: I am going to Mozambique because I work in international health. I work for a small nonprofit. My role is establishing and managing public health projects in four countries. Mozambique is our only African project site at the moment. {The average life span in Mozambique is just 37 years, meaning entire generations are missing. HIV, poverty, cholera and malaria are the top culprits. Our projects attempt to bring families out of the miasma of disease and give them a shot at a healthier life.}

Not a day goes by that I don’t thank God for my job. I am blessed! Thank you again for your kindness.