This trip wasn’t all work; the adventure included a trip to Gorongoza National Park — a game park in Mozambique. I’d never been to a park before in Africa and was really looking forward to the opportunity to see something wild. Alas, the park is just being renovated from years of poaching during the civil war and we weren’t able to see any of the elephant, zebra or lion. We did, however, see a vast variety of other animals that had me swooning. Baboons, civet cat, storks…

antelope beauties

Antelope galore!

Water Buck, straight on

Water buck — which have a perfect white circle around their hineys. Rumor has it they were the first animals on Noah’s arc to use the toilet and the paint wasn’t yet dry.

warthogs playing in the bush

Warthog, with their tails standing straight up like antennae when they run.

Rondovels at Gorongoza

The rondavel where we stayed. I felt like I was in a movie, the setting was so perfect!

ken and Debbie

Ken and Debbie, my friends who live on a ranch near the park.

how we got around the park, the Lion House, Gorongoza

How we got around the park. Technically, we aren’t supposed to be out of the vehicle because of the lions.

elephant skull

Elephant skull, with teeth the size of walnuts.

An African Sunset, Gorongoza

More colors in a sunset than seem possible.

Greg Carr, an American philanthropist, is spending $40 million to rejuvenate the park. His work is incredible. Essentially, he found a perfect opportunity to use his money to improve the earth and help people. His investment is returning animals to their habitat and growing a tourism economy in one of the poorest areas of the world. He’s got a team of American and international scientists and workers in the park working on all kinds of programs, including many to help villages surrounding the park. It made me proud such a generous American was doing such great work in Mozambique.
Maybe I’ll work for him one day.