Michelle's coupon haul

Michelle, a girlfriend from my knitting guild, emailed me yesterday with this photo. This is what she was able to purchase yesterday for $16.50 by watching the food ads and using coupons.
All that food for $3 less than what I spent for my weekly diet. Can you believe that? I was so impressed. Here is what she had to say when I asked her for the details:
“It took two different stores, but that is all I spent. You definitely have to use coupons to make this worthwhile and watch the ads for specials, but I saved about $40 today and only spent $16.

2 gallons of milk
Raisin Bran
3 Ragu
3 Country Crock
2 Wishbone dressings
2 Best Food mayo
5 green apples
big bunch of bananas
3 Hamburger/Tuna helpers
1 4 pk of Charmin
6 pk of Ramen
I’m donating the Ragu and Wishbone, nobody in my family likes either brand, but they were free so I couldn’t pass up giving to a good cause.”

She uses CouponSense and a few other coupon web sites to make this work. Again, another reminder of how you can save money on food if you want to. And no, I’m not suggesting most people on food stamps have the time for this sort of thing, but I think it is another interesting side to the food/budget topic. Again, it is putting my $4 morning bagel habit into perspective.