One of the beauties of blogging is creating new friendships all over the world with like-minded folk. One such blessing is my friend Jessica. She splits her time between New York and Brazil. I’ve followed her writing and adventures for quite some time. {She’s also an avid believer of eating a raw diet and is quite the inspiration.}

Jessica emailed me a couple of weeks ago to brainstorm ideas — public health, fundraising, creating sustainable programs that don’t just give a fish, but teach women to cast a line. After soon arriving in Brazil, she found herself surrounded by people who needed a helping hand. The brutal reality of poverty in South America was everywhere she looked. How to help?

In truth — this poverty can be seen in many, many countries. It can be found in inadequate housing, poor diets, lack of access to health care, bad water, no education, etc. This type of poverty pushes young girls into prepubescent marriage. It keeps children in fields working, instead of studying. It leads women into the sex trade to simply make ends meet. The opposite of poverty isn’t wealth. It’s justice.

Jessica came up with a brilliant idea to help her friends in Brazil — friends you can read more about here. She is conducting a raffle to raise funds. This is one woman’s quest to make the world a better place, to improve the health and living standards of a community she cares about. I’m rallying around her and hope you will too. God knows we could all use a bit more justice.