quilts 031

I went more than a month without sewing and in the last four days have completed half a dozen projects. It is apparently feast or famine in my sewing world and this week I am dining at the creative buffet. I have to keep reminding myself to go to stop and go to bed; I’ve been in the zone. Here’s to hoping this continues through the weekend; I’m busting through my holiday to-make list, including the very last Finny & Donk Sewing Adventures project from Simple Gifts to Stitch.

Communion Table Runner
Communion Table Runner, backing

This table runner came from sitting in church for months and staring at the communion table. I started thinking how I could represent everything I love about this church in a simple project. The result is a mini quilt that includes all the colors of the rainbow, with fabrics from several countries, happily stitched together and stamped with our church’s motto — A Place for All People. I gave it to my minister this morning and he was happy, which in turn made me feel like it was all worthwhile.

While the scraps were out and the iron was plugged in, I sewed a quilt square for a community quilting project I’m participating in too. If you know my family, you are probably shaking your head. Nope, I don’t have Prince blasting on the radio and I’m not wearing a braided headband (long story), but yes, I am slowly morphing into my mother.

Happy weekend to all!

P.S. The site is being worked on this weekend. Hope to be back early next week.