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Black Friday purchase

I did it; I got up with the crazies this morning and stood in line before our neighborhood JoAnn’s with my 20% off coupon in hand a visions of fleece and flannel dancing through my head. I actually ran to the right section, grabbed with might and within 20 minutes was waiting for my stash to be cut. Would you believe I was within the first 15 in the store and it still took an hour? There were people with carts full of bolts in front of me and four taxed women with scissors blazing behind the counter.

It was fun to hear what others were working on — many were dashing through the aisles to gather greatly discounted supplies for charity projects. There was much chatter about different hospital groups and cancer patients receiving soft, sweet new blankets soon.

Although I would have loved the search the racks at Tarjay for some new clothing and books, I headed home to get to sewing. I’ve got enough fabric here for 10 Christmas gifts and a little more than three weeks to make this happen. Nothing like a deadline and a deal to get me motivated. This fleece was $6 a yard, but today $1.49 and with my coupon I got the entire lot for less than $70. Just doing my part to help the economy, that is.

Hope your Thanksgiving was plentiful and peaceful!