The crazy church casserole

The cake that almost wasn't Potatoes

Sunrise service was beautiful, including the flowering of the cross — one of my favorite traditions. Soon after, I scurried off downtown to the other Methodist church where I was expected to bring a casserole for Easter brunch. Thankfully, I arrived 2 hours before service, fired up the commercial ranges and went to town cooking my food for the day. The casserole still looked icky, but I did as asked. The cake that almost wasn’t was appropriately saved. The potatoes were baked, seasoned and soon enjoyed at the Passover/Easter brunch at the Wright’s. (Salty Senor’s family.)

Egg appetizers



The saved cake

Carmelized Onions

Olives for the appetizer

Fried Turkey


Lainey's Garden


Lemon Meringue

Passover Macaroons


The day was nothing short of lovely; we watched amazing golf, ate gobs of delicious food and managed to celebrate the mixed heritage of their wonderful family by having both Easter and Passover foods. Lainey, Adam’s mom, went as far as organizing an egg hunt in their expansive backyard. We (the 8 adult children) ran around like maniacs scooping up eggs, stuffing ourselves with jelly beans and eventually cashing in our eggs for coordinating lottery scratch tickets. It was such a fun afternoon! (And nothing says Easter like a bit of gluttony and gambling, right?)

Welcome, Easter!

Matty thoroughly enjoyed his first American Easter, including Peeps.