Holy moses

Pretty giant garden

Pumpkin flowers

While a bridge over troubled pumpkins was temporarily considered, instead I opted for Finny’s suggestion of tomato cages. The pumpkins? They’ve been wrangled.

Tomato cages at work

Much, much better

Pulled back

Pumpkin flowers

I may try frying these

So easy! And with supplies I already had. I had one of those Laura Ingalls Wilder moments this morning when I was hanging clean laundry on the clothesline to dry, watering the garden, pulling muffins out of the oven and realizing I so missed my calling of being a pioneer woman. Although I’d probably have 12 kids by now and be pretty close to death, statistically speaking.

baby beets

So, thank God I wasn’t born in the 1800s. I like being able to drive a car (not a wagon), grow food for the hell of it, (not the necessity) and I’m fond of sports bras  (not so much with the corsets).

The winter garden is sprouting and while I am now watering this by hand thanks to a minor dispute with the neighbor, I am so optimistically happy about its progress. Beets! Baby beets!