Total hams

Yesterday Carl called to see if there would be anyway I could help him out in a pinch: he had his 3-year-old daughter P for the afternoon and needed to go into work. Would I mind spending time with her?

Why do you insist on taking so many photos of me?
Pink! I want pink!
Toes too
French braid
Nails drying

Are you kidding me? Look how cute this kid is, especially in her Alice in Wonderland Halloween gown. How could I mind? I love her to pieces and after seven hours of nail painting, hair braiding, movie watching, cookie eating, trick-or-treating and repeating “Kelli is my favorite auntie,” she was upset when I left her. I’d say the afternoon was a raging success.


{NaNoBlogMo, entry 1 — writing is November’s new black.}