Thank you for your concern yesterday. As luck would have it, I’m feeling great today (without having yet filled the prescriptions, mind you.) Tomorrow I’m taking the day off for medical tests and the such, but I should have said in the previous post that I think my doctor is a quack and I’m just fine.
Sorry to have cried wolf. I’m certain I’m fine, but going forward with the suggested tests just to put to rest my parent’s worries.

lip gloss

Following Aimee’s lead, today’s simple pleasure: swimming. I am swimming four times a week now, and am starting to gain some strength in the pool. In particular, swimming butterfly. It exhausts me like nothing else, but makes me feel powerful and graceful.

Today’s material pleasure: Neutrogena’s new shiny lip gloss. Love it. It is comparable to Lancome Juicy Tubes for 1/5th of the price. And it smells fruity and pretty too!

What’s making you smile?