on the bookshelf

I used to laugh at those who didn’t read the newspaper or keep up with current events. I thought it was so important to be up with the latest CNN bullet points. Only recently have I been making a point of avoiding gossip sites and magazines. {A life without the latest Hilton/Lohan/Spears shenanigans is in fact a more pleasant existence.} I’m listening to a lot more music and a lot less NPR. Even better, I’ve been opening the windows and listening to the birds, the wind, my heartbeat. I’m not reading nearly as much news, or letting my favorite anchor pull me into the streets of Tikrit.
I promise I’ll return one day, but I need a break. A media fast — or better yet, a media diet. I’m trying to live more intentionally in many ways. I’m certainly feeling happier as a result.

Yesterday Ultimate was canceled because of the beautiful rain that blanketed the Valley. Suddenly I had three hours of my late afternoon handed back to me, tied with a velvety Shiraz bow. I poured myself a nice glass, made a great salad, turned on some tunes and got busy behind my sewing machine.

purse among the books

I’ve been thinking about creating this bag for a bit. I don’t know why I’m on a Nancy Drew kick as of late, but I am. I tried to make this bag to look as much as possible like the old Nancy Drew mysteries — the ones with the golden covers, black bindings and creamy, worn pages. I used canvas for the lining and the Amy Butler downtown bag pattern. Voila!

Nancy Drew Book Purse, side view

Another CAOK gift going out in the mail today.

Mystery of the fire dragon

Tomorrow morning I’m going on a 20-plus mile ride to swim at a new pool in north Scottsdale. It is time to begin the brick training for this triathlon and I am a bit nervous. I hope I have energy to swim after the ride. I hope I make the ride without any mishaps. (In the last two weeks, I’ve had several friends hit by cars/Fed Ex trucks when on their road bikes.) I’m also hoping to have enough energy to ride home after the tough practice. I was swimming the other day with my new team when I realized three of the four swimmers in my lane are former Olympians. Huh. Needless to say, their presence in my lane is about as close as I’ve ever been to swimming for my country. I’m so glad I joined this team. The challenge is incredible!

You know, Nancy Drew always liked a challenge.
Happy weekend fellow sleuths,