Back to work, back to the gym, back to eating my five-a-day veggies in lieu of chocolate. That down week? I am so glad it’s done. I am a sucker for routine and if I plopped on the couch one more day to complain about football, infomercials or Montel Williams, I was going to go absolutely crazy. I am happy to be back at my desk, at a job I love, in pants that are not elastic. Adios laziness, buenos dias productivity!
The last week in a nutshell:

Ya YasII, MattmasII, Dec, 2006

I celebrated the holidays with the Ya Yas. The seven of us haven’t been in the same spot in years. Perhaps Bec’s wedding three years ago?

Shelley and Ale

I met Ale, Shelley’s fantastic fiance. I’d heard a lot about this wonderful man from Jessica. He is just as funny and sweet as I’d been told. And a perfect match for my dear friend. I can’t wait to get to Rome this year to spend more time with this pair.

Denver knitted cap2

I finished this obnoxious Denver Bronco’s knitted cap for my brother. Obnoxious because the double-knit pattern took forever and I made the mistake of using cheap yarn. Never. Again.

Alma, Fatima

And met with some friends to watch a fantastic display of fireworks, Fiesta Bowl tourists and ASU girls strutting their stuff on Mill Avenue at the New Year’s block party. Good times.

Now, back to that routine…