Heart cupcakes for delivery

That dreaded holiday is upon us when babies with bows and arrows descend from the heavens to send all first world consumers into a fit of bad jewelry (with stones harvested from brutal child labor in Africa), flowers (harvested by children in Ecuadorian factories) and missed expectations (set from childhood fantasies created by Walt Disney. )


How’s that for a cynical take at St. Valentine?

{Don’t stop reading. It gets decidedly sweeter in the next paragraph.}

beautiful pink rose

You have options. Valentines can either be a commercial day full of fake platitudes. A day of expensive gifts. A day that goes unrecognized. A day where you take 2 minutes to call your grandmas to say “I love you!” A day where you sit down with your toddlers and let them finger paint with delight because that is what they love to do, even if it is a pain to clean. A day when you can go out to eat and roll your eyes at all of those silly couples madly in love. A day when you can get sporting tickets and hope to be on the jumbotron for the kissing couples moment.

Heart cookie

What will it be?

Mother's Day in China Town

You know what my choice is. Last year I did the great Valentine brownie bake-off and spoiled my friends. This year, I’m bound to show my love in handwritten notes, baked goods and mixed CDs. I might even consider making homemade chocolates and wrapping them in Custom Candy Bar Wrappers that have their photos to show my affection for them. Truth be told, in doing these things, I realize this is about me sharing my love – not about it being reciprocal.

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Plus, homemade brownies and chocolate cake made even those cynical “VALENTINES IS A COMMERCIAL MADE UP HALLMARK HOLIDAY” folk smile and say thank you. (And, perhaps, even feel a touch loved.)

For those looking for a blingy Valentine’s shopping guide — a few favorites (without exploited children!):

– in gray or black, stunning

-hilarious and fun stationery

-Frida-approved quirky jewelry

-A book you’ll love

-A movie you’ll love