I hit the Glendale chocolate festival yesterday with O. His photos are pretty remarkable considering the fest was essentially a dozen tents, a lot of chocolate and a dastardly amount of inappropriate eating. I think he managed to capture just about everything worthy of a photo. Regardless, the caramel coconut apples? Yee-ow. I had one bite and am pretty sure I can still taste it.


Then there was Bond. Min threw Jason a truly fantastic 30th birthday party with a 007 theme. There were fantastic Bond girls, casino games, lots of martinis and a shot of tequila or two for good times. The spread of food was delicious; both Min and Jason love to cook. Plus, the theme was extra fun because nearly everyone dressed up. We are a group who like our themed parties and reasons to dress the part. Last night there were men wandering around in tuxedos and women in sparkly gowns. {Photos to be posted manana, including JT playing the role of a kitty-carrying villain.} We played Bond trivia games, during which I discovered the answer is nearly always Sean Connery. {Unless the question is, “Which Bond could eat crackers in your bed? And then the answer is most certainly Daniel Craig. Oooh Daniel Craig.}


Or he could eat chocolate in my bed. Who is your favorite Bond?