I know I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m super lucky and blessed for having connected with so many like-minded women via the interwebs. Right? I mean — Zarah came to hang out a couple times in Phoenix and I’ll see her again this summer in Colorado.

Sarah, rocking the baby blanket

“Are those cactus real?”

Tina is my cross-country Bible study partner. While we spent considerable time together when we were both in Arizona, the friendship started long before and thankfully continues today.


Colleen will once again celebrate her birthday at the newly relocated Golden-based Heirloom Homestead later next month.

Colleen's visit

I have dreams of spending far too much time sipping margaritas with Sue and her gorgeous boys in San Diego at some point this summer.

Sue + Tau

Plus — there is Rachele and Jemima, who Nelson is in love with. They are great dog park friends and she is an amazing high altitude gardner. I love having someone who schedules meals around restaurants we can take our dogs to.

I had dinner with Lisa and her super sweet husband Jack last month. Lisa and I have chatted online for more than 8 years before finally meeting. It was like old friends falling into place.

Colleen's visit

And there is Oregon Colleen, who is a fellow novelist. She recently visited from Portland and we found ourselves giggling over plates of carnitas.

Colleen's visit

I met with a new friend in Boulder last week who is also passionate about public health. She’s a recent Colorado transplant from Washington DC. Alison kept saying how nice it was to find a place where people were willing to meet up over a cup of coffee from a Twitter invite.

I’ve also been so very lucky to find such a community of strong, smart women open to these friendships.

My many thanks, amigas.