I’m buying the Dixie Chicks new album today, and I hope to encourage you to do the same. If they have a concert on sale, you could look online or click here to check out a concert website.
The Dixie Chicks made a silly misstep that angered many simply by voicing their opinions. They said something that offended 80% of Americans when we were huddled in a corner shaking after 9-11. Worse yet, they did so on foreign soil, making even some liberal Americans wince.
I get it.
I also get that being able to speak your mind is fundamentally American — often to the distain of the rest of the world. If we cannot criticize our president, you might as well begin the burka distribution line. I am proud to be American, while there are things about our culture and policies I would gladly change. I am proud to have rights that many developed successful nations do not provide to their citizens. I am proud of the Dixie Chicks for fighting back with their new album, rather than pretending this all just didn’t happen.
My point: we should support this group today because radio isn’t. We should support them because they are smart, talented women who represent many Americans proudly. We should support them because we do not believe in an America where secret commissions record phone calls, track email and plant evidence to preemptively kill thousands of people.
I do not believe in supreme presidential power, the confederate flag or punishing an American for voicing his or her opinion, no matter how much I may disagree with it. Let’s make this record one of the all time best-selling hits to send a message to Washington — we remember the Bill of Rights, and we believe in them. Vote with your dollar.