Mis amigas Nicaraguense.

*– Several of you have asked why in the world I am going to Nicaragua this week and what I do for a living. Blogging + work talk = big problems. Without too much detail, I work in international health as a public health practitioner. I set up, manage and evaluate health projects in four countries, aimed to improve the health of poor women and children. This will be my fourth time to the small, beautiful and hospitable Central American country. I’ll try to post while I’m gone. (I’ve replaced Diet Coke with blogging and found it to be just as addictive.)

* — I just finished reading “Icarus Girl.” It was a quick read with a crap ending. Not my favorite. Two out of five bananas, absoloodle. I’m sending it to Jen, who is visiting Africa with her husband. They’d been living in London, after having lived and traveled in Africa for several years. Jen’s one of those super chic chicks who casually shot me an email last week to say, “oh, ‘Icarus Girl.’ Um yeah, I met the author. Sounds good!” Not so much, but I’ll let you be the judge. Books are like any art — tomato, tomaahto. It’s all up to taste. Next up, “Dark Star Safari.” What do you want to bet Jen’s already read this one?

* — I’m working on a baby knitting project as of late that is going horribly. I think I’ve done something all wrong. If you’ve ever knit the baby kimono pattern floating about on the web, email me please. I’m pretty sure there aren’t supposed to be three arms.

Tell me this shape doesn't look wrong.

What is this thing? Does this look right to anyone? Help!

* — LOST. Huh. I’m still confused. Anyone else? Penny is beautiful and I love Desmond’s curly hair, but otherwise, I’m pretty much hating the lack of detail in that season finale. Matthew Fox, you are so my boyfriend.

* — I received the nicest surprise from Katie of Oscarcat this week. Look at the fab recipe books she sent me! Love them. Thank you Katie!

Surprise gift from Oscarcat

* — I really have to pack. And see if my malaria prescription is filled. And go for a swim and a run before I have to leave my exercise routine at home. Ooh… I should probably make time for pre-flight bagels too. Adios!