A flash of frisbee fun

Anyone who thinks frisbee is for dogs and weenies, beware. Ultimate frisbee is for people who love to run around like maniacs for two hours and then drink like fish afterward. I skipped the drinking and instead got up to meet my running partner this morning for a few miles on the canals. Oh, what a silly, silly move. My legs still haven’t recovered. Thankfully, she was understanding and we trotted slowly through a couple of miles with me promising a Kenyan performance on Friday’s run. I’m ever the optimist.

While I am more tired today than I have been in a very long time, I can’t wait until next week’s game. Apparently I’ve been bitten by the frisbee bug. My team has a ratio of 3 men to every woman, so we get to play a ton. And the men seem sincerely interested in letting the women play, which is very nice. Week one was a success.

Pistachio sugar cookies

Although my athletic performance left a bit to be desired, the pistachio cookies were a big hit. One guy even noticed they matched our team colors. Next week I’m thinking dark chocolate cupcakes with a splash of cream cheese pistachio frosting on top.