I’m home! Actually, tucked into bed at this very moment with my laptop, a great book, a large glass of safe, sweet tap water, and about a dozen hours of prescribed sleeping scheduled pronto. Ironic luggage update: the bags were lost for five days. We found them in a storage room at the Beira airport — meaning they may have actually been there for days but officials didn’t want us to “find” them. After long negotiations concerning their return (and my flat refusal to pay a bribe to get my own damn bags back), we were given our luggage.
The baggies were greatly received at the orphanage and I promise photos ASAP. As soon as I get back to high-speed Internet, I’ll begin downloading the 500 photos I took. The kids simply loved the gifts. It was a moment I’ll never forget. But, like the airport bribe story, this deserves far more eloquence than I have energy for at the moment.
Before I nod off, the irony in the luggage? Guess what is lost again? You guessed it. I checked my bag (now down to one) through customs this morning and sent it through to Phoenix. Alas, it was lost some where between JFK and Sky Harbor.
Two rounds of lost luggage, two bumped flights, one round of the flu and still? One of the best adventures ever. Can’t wait to share the details tomorrow, when I have a clear head. Today, I’m grateful for the opportunity of world travel and the beauty of a safe home.