kitchen table

1. Take myself to the movies. Fall cinema is all about Africa. Write reviews.
2. Find this book in a bookstore and examine every image while dreaming of one day having my ever-so-vain wish of being photographed by Annie Leibovitz come true.
3. Learn to bake a great pie crust. I’ve got two pies to bake for Thanksgiving — my favorite day of the year. Might have to look for baking courses near me, but I think it could be worth it!
4. Plant a fall garden full of native species that might actually survive longer than one season.
5. Hang a clothes line on my patio. Use this to save energy. Come up with a list of easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. Encourage others.
6. Sew holiday projects. Make cards. Knit.
7. Enjoy a 40-mile bike ride to advance in my triathlon training.
8. Do some dog-ownership research. I’m thinking Great Dane. Seriously. I’ve heard they are great dogs for small places, although my source may have been pulling my leg. Otherwise, maybe a French bulldog or any bulldog for that matter. Bulldogs are so cute, I love them so much! My friend has been considering getting some French Bulldog Puppies and she’s shown me some super cute pictures of them. I have to admit, I’m pretty tempted! Can you be so selective with pound puppies?
9. Plan details for my Spring trip to Africa, including a camping adventure in Zim.
10. Recognize that kindness is a boomerang. When you give it away, it comes back with great force. Thank you Catrina for this lovely painted pumpkin. I know I shouldn’t be surprised by her thoughtfulness; it suits me perfectly!

pretty pumpkin from Catrina

What will you do this month?