Super secret project supplies

Tea towels for upcoming sewing projects.

I drive/bike by an elementary school each morning near my office. The marquis message changes each Monday, featuring a new life skill they are teaching for that week. This week: “effort.” In the past, the lessons have been: sense of humor, honesty, integrity, etc. I find myself looking for the new theme each week and wondering how they manage to work these into the lesson plans.

New materials for secret projects

This week, I’ve got to get focused. Saturday starts my annual creative Everest — NaNoWriMo and NaNoBlogMo. I’m tackling both and didn’t even have to hit REI for shiny new supplies. Instead, I’m putting aside several other hobbies in November to focus on my writing skills. Specifically, I want to develop a better writing work ethic, improve my character development and research writing workshops I can attend in 2009 to refine my craft.

So, I’ve got a week to get a bunch of other things completed. This week! Including:

Pre-felting. The giant bag that could

— Finish the giant felted market bag. Line with fabric, wrap, post.

— Use these pretty new tea towels to sew up some secret projects.

— Plan my holiday gifts and what I can realistically sew/knit/bake in the next eight weeks. Emphasis on realistic. My vision of being a best selling novelist is far more important than having my holiday wrapping paper match the handwritten Christmas cards. (My Type A insanity/desire to be Martha Stewart needs to be wrangled, or this holiday season is going to make me as completely exhausted and unsatisfied as the last.)

— Plan winter garden. Buy seeds.

— Get back to eating healthy, exercising hard and respecting my body. I’ve gotten off course with the Mexico trip (Chorizo! Tequila! Fresh Tortillas!) and the birthday celebrations (Pita Jungle, Four Peaks, Pita Jungle and way too much wine). My pants are snug and I am not happy about it.

My awesome new lunch box

The new lunch box certainly controls portion sizes.

Focus. Must focus.