Good to know

One of the many creative signs I saw in Malawi, along with the “Good Riddance Coffin Company.”

17: Miles run. Five days of running, 2 days the long loop, 3 days the short loop including one day of intervals

4: Glass of wine enjoyed in the moment

4: Glasses of wine I regret because apparently this little nasty stomach bug I can’t seem to shake really doesn’t like booze. Like fighting fish, they’ve battled. The stomach bug (nay, monster) won.

1: Wagon I’m officially on

2: Books read. “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “A Visit from the Goon Squad.” Reviews pending. Both worthy of reading today, if you haven’t.

$274: Dollars spent at Costco on items that apparently I needed in bulk. Sports bras, grape tomatoes, protein powder, and a new radio. I went to Costco my first day home and wandered in shock. It doesn’t take much time outside of the States to forget the sheer mass of consumerism that drives our culture. And, nearly $300 lighter, apparently I’m not immune. I am, however, well fed. And supported.

12: Miles biked. I am newly in love with Olive after listening to Finny go on about her whirlwind romance with Tulip. Hey, I’m living the weirdo dream too. We are weirdos together. We always have been.

1 (again): Netflix account canceled. Fewer movies. More books. One of my 2011 mantras.

8: fruit trees added to the community garden

12: chocolate cupcakes & 2: loaves of banana oatmeal almond cranberry bread baked. 0 consumed.

172: pounds. A few down since I puffed up my chest with “30 pound weight loss!” bravado. But not nearly enough to make me happy. And so, the week in numbers plods on, my resolve and discipline growing so my pants don’t.