swing bag, key chain

Last week I watched an episode of Oprah about “The Secret.” Did you catch this? In a nutshell, it is a self-help mantra affirming you can do absolutely anything in life you set your mind to. Ask, believe, receive and watch the world fall to your feet for the taking. The show was convincing and I didn’t need much persuading. One of my greatest blessings has been being told from an early age to shoot for the moon. We were nurtured in a “can do” home. My mom has always been my “biggest cheerleader” — as she puts it. And so it should be!

swing bag, matching key chain

Is there anything keeping you from happiness? I have a short list of asks, although I am a happy, goofy girl as is. That said, I’m never content with the status quo. I always want to learn more, run faster, be better. Now the task is to take steps toward making my “asks” come true and believing with every inch that they will.

For example — I’m wearing a fabulous pair of jeans, my first pair of Manolos and a huge grin. My parents are nervously sitting in the front row. My brother is sitting next to them texting on his cell phone. The Ya Yas are in the row behind them, tearing up and taking photos. Oprah reaches over and shakes my hand and congratulates me on being the next author selected for her book club. I nod, in awe that this dream is unfolding. The audience has read my book. Not everyone loves it, but everyone has read it. They want to talk about it. They ask questions. The characters come to life. I feel a wave of butterflies as I take it all in and devour the conversation. Giddyup.

swing bag, open

A new bag and key chain (my first) for a friend at the bagel shop. She’s moving on from bagels to the business world and I figured, “Who doesn’t want a new purse on the first day of a new job?”

I’m asking and believing. What are you asking for?