chicken pot pie1
pastry star

Good: I made a beautiful pastry crust last night. I finally figured out the right consistency, temperature and the such to roll out a beautiful crust. I used my grandma’s recipe, a good bit of patience and a star cookie cutter to create two chicken pot pies for sick coworkers. Nothing says “get better soon and stop coughing all over the office” like one of these.


As in bad-ass. Check out what I snapped driving down the road. Oh I wish I was an Oscar Mayer wiener… Really, I don’t. But the idea of stealing this car for a joyride gave me the giggles.

why you should always run with socks
bloody shoes

Next time I go out for a long trail run and forget my socks, kick me if I decide to run anyway. It is going to take at least a week for my feet to heal from this stupid move and I’ve got a big race in two weeks. Lovely. On the bright side, this gave me the motivation to go buy new running shoes, which I happily broke in this morning.

And this post effectively sums up the random nature of my life. Yummy cooking, love for all things kitschy and odd and the journey of training for a triathlon.