I got home from work recently to find a FedEx box waiting on my doorstep. I tore into it, full well knowing that it was an early birthday gift and I was ruining a surprise intended for later in the month. Patience has never been my strongest quality.
I wish I’d taken time to photograph the lovely wrapping, with the pretty bright green ribbons, but alas, there was a present inside and my hands couldn’t tear away fast enough.
I was stunned by what I found.

Poppy painting

Jessica painted one of my favorite photographs from this spring. She knows how much I love the desert poppies — how their bright red and orange petals wave in the warming wind. She painted these with such incredible accuracy and beauty.

Heart of the poppy

The kindness behind this gift shakes me. I had no idea the girl could paint, although I’ve long admired her creativity and thoughfulness. I simply adore this gift.

Thank you a thousand times over Fin!