Saturday night started season 4 of the Pre-Emptive Strikes reign of glory. Or reign of too-much dinner followed by rented shoes and three games of hilarity. Your choice.


Kim + Adam Mack







A pretty fun cast of characters to spend a Saturday night with, I must admit. Next time I’ll sneak a photo of Beverly,  the bowling alley maven. We’re entirely sure she uses a full can of Aqua Net on that beehive before coming to work each morning. Beverly is the type of lady who takes her job so seriously, I can’t help but want to hug her. She loves her alley and she loves her hair and there is really no need for shenanigans. She’d also more than likely swat me if I actually did try to hug her. Or touch the hair.

Also, I bowled a turkey. Second time in my life. You’d have thought I’d won the Lotto. I could feel Beverly’s eyes rolling back in her head from her tiny office behind the rented shoe rack as I jumped up and down and made a complete fool of myself. One, two, three strikes and this bowler was about to do cartwheels down the walkway.

Hey, it’s called a turkey for a reason.