pulpy grapefruit margaritas

Matt once again matches the drinks

I had a few friends over last night to enjoy the spring garden spoils. The grapefruit margaritas were the biggest hit; I liked the collard green wraps. I stole the idea from a restaurant in Scottsdale and then found this handy website to help with the prep. The wraps are sturdy enough to hold steak, beans, guacamole and other vegetables as they did last night — without the gummy flour tortilla getting in the way.

Or, you could follow as Kent did last night and make it a double-decker, using both for a bit of collard green salad inside your wrapped tortilla. With the myriad of produce on the table, one friend commented — “I’ve never even seen some of these vegetables.” Jicama and chayote were to blame. Most of it ended up in the composter, but of course I loved it. His 4-year-old daughter, on the other hand, loved the Cacahuate Brownies — take your traditional recipe and add a bit of cayenne, cinnamon and spicy peanuts.


guacamole in the making


taco fixings

Skirt steak tacos

Crowded dinner table

New friends, old friends, good food, warm evening weather and a walk through the garden after dessert — it was a lovely evening.