Angel food cake for the golfer in the guest room*; Matty starts a new tournament today. Go Pink Golfer Go!

Current Mind Candy List:

~A friend of a friend has a book coming out this week that looks pretty fantastic. I’m all for supporting new novelists, and hope to get my hands on a copy of this soon. Doesn’t it look great?

~I have a whopping total of 10 billion friends having babies this Fall. In all seriousness, I anticipate making/buying a least a dozen gifts between now and Thanksgiving. Watching my girlfriends transform into mothers is magical. I marvel at their maturity and selflessness. Plus, all these little ones mean more tiny toes to kiss and wee ones to rock. I’m hoping to create my own pattern for a baby hat that will look a little something like this.

~The garden is growing like mad. The recent rains we’ve had have pushed the chiles, planted by seed, and the tomatoes, transplanted, into awkward pre-pubescent teenagers, with limbs arching one way or the other and maturity right around the corner. Once upon a January, I thought a nursery of 23 tomato plants was a smart idea. We are soon to have an overgrown dormatory — a teeming tomato hedge. I think an Italian dinner party or two is in store.

~And finally, I’ve been wildly disappointed in myself because of the dozen Lent-related habits I planned to change, I’ve kept with only a few. I know I’m not super-human, but I never cease to push myself to cape-worthy behavior. Then this morning, during another drippy yoga session, the solution dawned on me. Rather than spend time beating myself up (a hobby I’d really rather abandon all together), I could simply start over. If Christianity is about anything, it’s about your choice to start fresh. So today, I reset. And you know what? I feel remarkably less unencumbered. Reminds me of a brilliant bumper sticker I saw in traffic last week: “Faith is a journey, not a guilt trip.”

Giddy up!


* The Golfer in the Guest Room sounds like a torrid Jackie Collins’ book, right?