— I hurt my neck this week lifting weights and am finally feeling better. Amazing how easy it is to take our health for granted until you are immobilized and in a silly amount of pain. Three cheers for the power of Aleve, massage and heating pads.

— I am volunteering to feed a group of 45 visiting church officials who are in Phoenix this weekend for a conference. Tomorrow I’m making breakfast for the crew. If I can do community dinner for 20, I can do eggs and bacon for 45 — right?

— Spending time with my little garden has brought new joy to my life. I spent a few extra minutes out there this morning before work, watering my tomatoes, encouraging the lush bunch of beets and cajoling the cilantro to last a wee bit longer. I’m officially a happy hippie in the gardening department — and the crazy girl who talks to her plants.

— Started Ultimate frisbee this week (which I can only imagine is MUCH more enjoyable without the throbbing pain of trying to keep your head upright) and my team is rad. Truly, 100% rad. They aren’t obnoxiously competitive. They aren’t jerks. They aren’t frisbee hogs. In fact, not only did I get to touch the frisbee in the first game, but I scored. And the team was screaming, cheering and encouraging all the girls the entire time. Love it!

Citrus season


— Whomever leaked the photo to the media of a beaten and bruised Rihanna should be ashamed. She may be a radio star, but in this case she is also a domestic violence victim and it is not at all cool that we can all see her misery.  Truly, horrifically shameful.

— Elitism in the United States. I must say, I have a distinctly sour taste in my mouth when it comes to those who think their power puts them ahead of the rules. We’ve recently been bombarded with ugly examples of the elite run amok: Madoff, the new Stanford investment guy, A-Rod, Ted Haggard, the Illinois governor and now the senator too, half of the originally nominated cabinet for Obama’s administration who couldn’t serve because they don’t pay their taxes, etc. It is gross and frankly — not American. This deceitful, selfish behavior could not be less patriotic.

And so, today, with this tangy and tart combination — one can only hope for a bit better of a world. Let’s hope this weekend brings renewed strength to remember what makes us a great nation, and the characteristics that we need now more than ever. This recession is a great time for us to pull together, meet our neighbors, help those in greater need and remember the morals and strengths that truly do make us great — even if only the off-kilter clowns get the press.