space needle, view from their office

Taken from their apartment, those crazy city-dwelling kids.

Summer in Seattle is as close to heaven as I think you can get. Add a fantastic downtown apartment with incredible views and easy access to everything fun to do within a 10 minute walk, and I’m hooked.
Emily, one of my closest friends from college, surprised me with a ticket and trip. I spent the weekend with the Asantes. Emily and John will be married in January in Puerto Vallarta y yo soy la maid of honor. Woo hoo!

Em and John space needle best

Aren’t they cute? And better yet, really nice.

Back to Seattle — the trip was incredible. Em picked me up at the airport and surprised me with a “camping trip.” By camping, she meant we had spa appointments at a resort in the forest the next day. It was such a fantastic get away. She spoiled me rotten.

on our way to the spa

On our way to the massage. Hot rock massage is now my favorite.

The amazing waterfall

Giant Snoqualmie Falls — a state park right behind our hotel. Camping at its best.

Photos here. More to be posted later in the week!