Am I the only one out there that think YSL, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Ana Sui — and Anna Wintour for that matter — have all lost their minds?
Since when did the skinny jean, the bubble skirt, the dreaded legging, the slouch boot and the shift dress become current fashion? Perhaps I’m a touch too conservative, but the fashion of today’s runway makes me want to:
A. Feed the models. The skinniness is out of control. Pretty soon they’ll be crawling down the aisle with IV tubes, and
B. Cover them! I don’t want to see nipple, rib cage or belly button. What do they do with those clothes once the fashion shows are complete? Do they sew them all together and have one solid outfit any normal woman could wear? And with that, I realize that yes, I am a wee bit conservative.
My fashion icon remains Jackie O — a woman who could wear pearls with a bathing suit (one piece, of course) and make beachgoers rush off for their Mikimotos. I think some of today’s most beautiful women are Salma Hayek, Sheryl Crow, Reese Witherspoon and my mom. I love Salma so much because she shows that nobody does it better than the Spanish do! I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous Latinas before, mainly on websites such as, but I think that Salma might just be the ultimate Hispanic lady out there. If I were to pick a current day fashion model, it would certainly be Reese. She’s conservative, but you know she has fun. She’s never photographed with her skirt tucked into her stockings or without both diamond studs firmly fastened, for that matter. (And occasionally a handbag from Target, which just makes me love her. She’s down to earth and a priss. My kind of lady.) She has certainly never been photographed coming out of the Ivy at 2 am with her nail polish chipped. Perhaps other starlets should pay attention to her good behavior. Be a serious actress, dress well, get Oscar. Be a tart, dress like a fool, lose roles. Simple math, non?
If I were going on a shopping spree today for some new duds I’d more than likely be at Ann Taylor and Nordies, or even more likely yet — the craft store. I’m going to be sewing my own skirts this season. I’m determined.
Gap has become home of the over-priced T-shirt that is way too short. (Funny, once you are out of college, that whole show your mid-drift thing doesn’t fly.) Old Navy is home of the well-priced crap T-shirt that falls apart in the first wash. Banana remains, of course, the snotty older sister, who’s a bit too pleat-y and serious for me this season. Arizona isn’t a fashion forward kind of place and we rarely need tweed, fur or wool anything. I need something practical, affordable and cute. Too much to ask?
I think the only Fall fashion trend I may briefly consider is a new handbag (dreaming a bit here), some fancy new boots (must replace those which were thrown out last year) and dark nail polish.
Otherwise, I’ll happily feel like an Ugly Betty this season and opt for my skirts, wrap dresses and kitten heels. We’ll laugh about leggings over tea. Are there any fashion trends you are following? What are you wearing this season?