Taken in Oro Valley, Arizona. Whenever I see saguaros, I think of yoga — with their lengthy limbs bending every which way so gracefully.

My running buddies have been sick lately, so I’ve been tackling my dusty canal route with the company of my iPod. This morning, after a five-miler and some intervals, I stretched my hands above my head and greeted the day with arms outstretched, feeling the muscles in my torso and legs slowly loosen.
I love to run with others; the conversation usually keeps me going farther and faster than I would run by myself. Plus, the thought of someone waiting for me gets me up and out of bed at 4:30 am. However this week I’ve enjoyed running solo, thinking about my day ahead and going through my morning prayers. I’m guessing those who pass me on the canal walking their dogs think of me as the crazy mumbling girl.
My triathlon is in October and between now and then I’ve got 5 weeks of international travel scheduled. I’m getting stronger and loving watching my routine change as this race becomes more of a reality. My diet is getting better. I’m stacking workouts fairly regularly and am actually joining a tri team when I get home from Africa. But when I am actually in Africa (and Bolivia) I have to remember to get out and run. My routine usually gets confiscated at customs and I come home feeling gross and upset with myself that I haven’t made an hour of time for myself a priority. This trip, I have a great feeling, will be different. There is no reason not to run on the beaches in Moz or use the treadmill in Cape Town. I’ve got no excuse to be lazy.
I can’t wait to raise my arms above my head as I cross that finish line. In the meantime, back to the dusty canal. Oh — and the praying.