april 14 002

Rather than wallowing in my bad mood yesterday, I came home from work and made a point of walking around with my camera taking note of that which does make me very, very happy, such as: a new friend, Austin, who decided to bring me a dozen eggs from his ducks and chickens;


Pepper, woo!

More tomatoes

Peppers and tomatoes growing in my garden;

New for me

Pretty handmade treat

and maybe a little splurge on bling. I fell in love with these at Made yesterday and treated myself to gorgeous handmade jewelry.

april 14 008

Plus, when all else fails? Go for the girly wine.

Also? Thank you very much for the seeds. You are an amazing group and I am so thankful for your generosity!

{* Update: Completely forgot to mention the two things that are completely fueling my joy this week. 1. Rex is back running. We did 4 miles together this morning and it’s like he never had cancer. Thank God! It took 2.5 years after his diagnosis and the race we held in his honor, but we are back to running 10-15 miles a week together and I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this story. 2. Serious progress has been made on getting my book published. More details to follow!}