Dizzy love

Yeah, yeah. I know this photo is awkwardly blurry, but it I find beauty in the way the colors blend. Something about out of focus roses makes me a little dizzy. Not my favorite flower, but these are certainly very pretty.

Today is Wendy’s birthday. Wendy is single-handedly one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. She’s interning with me, although most days I feel like it is the other way around. She’s smart, committed and runs circles around me. Plus, she and her boyfriend Dan are a lot of fun.  I am so proud of her recent accomplishment — being accepted to a handful of ivy league law schools — and will tell anyone who will give me a second of their time.

Vanilla with chocolate frosting

“Do you know where Wendy is going to law school in the fall?”

Rosey view


Rosey view

It has gotten to the point where she’ll walk away quickly when she can tell I’m about to launch into her CV.

Blurry but delicious

So, today we’ll celebrate with vanilla and milk chocolate frosting cupcakes (with sprinkles, per request), new music and a handful of kitchen roses.

Rosey view

As I was baking last night, Matt was hovering the kitchen making small talk.  First I handed him the frosting whisk, then the spatula and finally iced two of the cupcakes and left them on a plate. One was inhaled instantly and somehow the other disappeared overnight. He followed me around eating saying, “how do you get this so light?” “How are these so good?”

Well, he’s figured me out.