Today is the 45th anniversary of one of my favorite movies of all time — Mary Poppins. Oh, sing it with me, “Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down… in the most delightful way!” If you haven’t seen this movie lately, it’s worth a trip down supercalafragalisticexpealidotious lane, snapping your fingers the entire way.

Love that red ribbon

Makes me think of the islands

Summer joy

Remember her amazing carpet bag full of tricks? Or when she brews up a strong wind to blow away all the other nannies so she can arrive on the doorstep as the only choice? Who doesn’t want to have the power to get rid of the competition? Or the confidence to pull out a measuring tape only to know you are just right exactly the way you are. If you’ve seen 500 Days of Summer, the blue bird scene — one of my favorites — is directly lifted from good old MP. Oh, that Mary. She really was practically perfect in every way.

Wonder and magic to all,