This week I’m just posting photos from the trip. I gained 11 pounds in three weeks — mostly from lack of exercise, drinking soda instead of questionable water, and enjoying way too much bread. Oh, the bakeries in South America, how my hips love thee.

*UPDATED* — Photo captions added. Sorry for the previous confusion. Yes, those are chicken feet!

The open air market of Tarija

The typical open-air market of Bolivia. This one is in Tarija.

Pretty and colorful corn.

Lemon pastries, Ecuador
Yummy lemon pastries.

chicken feet
Chicken feet. I’m not sure what they are used for, but I’d guess to season soup.

a thousand kinds of pasta
A thousand kinds of pasta, made right there in Bolivia. They love their carbs just like anyone else.

Paprika. One of the many bright spices sold by the kilo in the markets.

cookies and grains
Cookies and grains. I didn’t buy any of these because they were right next to the meat stand, which was swarming with flies.

chiles and spices
Chiles and spices. No, JT, this is not pot. I’m pretty sure it is oregano.

chicken in the market
Chicken d’jour, with the entrails hanging out for the fun of it.