A girlfriend recently brought me back a copy of this Mexican magazine, knowing with certainty it would be appreciated. I’ve never read Arqueologia before, but their article on the chiles of Mexico is spectacular.




They take many of the chiles enjoyed nationally and track their histories — both geographically and how they were used ritually.

january 033

Such as an ancient form of punishing children.  Ouch! This makes my eyes burn to look at the ancient art, of which there is also a chile-influenced section.

january 035

There are also some really cheesy photos from the 1970s of Mexican women grinding chiles. Doesn’t she look enthused? Nothing says photo shoot like giant ribbons in your hair and a good slouch.


And there must be at least one sombrero. I love this photo. This older man is sitting in a field of chiles.

If you see a copy of this magazine, it is worth the purchase even if you don’t read Spanish. The photos and maps are fascinating!