I crammed a lot of crazy into the last 3 days.

First the snip:



I know. The photos aren’t great. But the haircut? Well, I’m kinda in love. One day (after having a baby or four), I’m going to suck it up and get the courage to cut my hair exactly as I’ve wanted to. Until then, this little bob did my spirit some good.

The drip:

I donated blood yesterday. Have you done this lately? If not, give me two seconds and I’ll talk your ear off as to why it is great for your community and you to do so every 8 weeks. I earned that gallon pin this year and I still get the sweaty shakes every time I donate from fear of the needle. But the free cookies and Capri Suns? They keep me coming back. That and the thought that if I ever need blood, I hope someone else took the 30 minutes to help out. (Plus, who doesn’t enjoy showing fear a thing or two? Take that!)

Also, I got a flu shot today. Because I’m a public health nut and I’ll be damned if I’m dying in the next pandemic. No way, Jose. If I die some tragically young death, may it be in the jaws of an African lion, or sky diving or something else far more exotic than being too lazy to get a free shot.

{Stepping off soap box}

The flip:

Good thing they got that blood yesterday, as it aged today. Anyone else notice life gets sweeter each year you flip the calendar? Truly, if you’d told me at 24 life would be this good at 31? Well. I’d have spent less time trying to squeeze into skinny jeans and more time reading books and drinking margaritas. Speaking of that last part, I’m late for dinner.



P.S. I heard this week that my blog has taken a particularly less personal turn. Lots of community events, little about what is going on in my life.  While I admire those who discuss just about everything, my comfort levels have changed since I started blogging at 24. Today, I don’t think anyone swings by to read who I’m dating.  Or what’s got me angry. Or where I’ll be in 6 months.

(Wouldn’t you like to know? — SB1070 + Arizona politics — Zimbabwe or Colorado)

Now, back to those dinner reservations…