I’m in a rut. I’ve hit a slump. I’m feeling blah.

However you want to coin it, the dog days of damn heat are here and I’m feeling the wrath this year. It could be from a variety of things:

1. Things are slow at work, leaving me oh-so-antsy.
2. I’m missing my family.
3. It is too hot to do anything outside 15 hours a day. Those other dark hours I happen to usually be asleep. Annoying? Yes. Controllable? No. I need to get over it already and realize June, July and August are my payment to Mother Nature for the other 9 months of sweet weather.
4. I got back my first rejection letter for my novel. I’ve only sent one, making that a 100% rejection level. However, the photocopied letter was addressed, “Dear Author.” That was pretty cool.
5. I want to be curled up on the couch knitting and watching a good, old movie — like the African Queen. Alas, I have yet to purchase a new TV. Yet another thing I need to quit bitching about and do something about.

In my family, you were allowed to complain about something once. Twice and you got a swat for being a whiner. With that in mind, my action plan:

1. Volunteer for more work. Get busy. Busy = happy. Okay, well busy = not bored. It’s an improvement.

2. I’m scheduling a trip to see my brother soon. I’ve got plans to see mis papas soon enough. We’re mustering through this.

3. Get out my cutest bikini, large brimmed hat and buy a new slew of magazines to enjoy the pool this weekend. I’m house sitting (YAY!) and can’t wait to plunk my bootay by the water. Not to mention I also get to play with the pooches. I love animals, and rented ones are even better.

4. I read this article in The New York Times magazine this weekend and thought, “Why don’t I send him a copy of my book? He knows Africa. He loves Mozambique. He’s a published author.” Strangely enough, I found his address online and dropped a letter in the mail Mr. Stark yesterday. We’ll see what happens.
Also, I decided it is foolish to beg someone (read: literary agent) to take a severe percentage of my future earnings to get my book in front of Ms. Winfrey when for a few bucks postage and a manila envelope, I can send her one myself. Again, it is a long shot, but I’m a lucky girl. I believe in good karma. And it can’t hurt. (One day, my future literary agent is going to read this post and smile at my spunk and naivet√©.)

5. I’m going to use my freelance pay this month to buy myself a new tee vee with a dee vee dee player and join the ranks of all you technophiles. So there. Katherine Hepburn, move it. Mr. Bogart’s all mine.


P.S. If all this positive, happy blather doesn’t work, I may just splurge on one of these. I wear white or black about 80% of the time and can’t tell you how much I’ve invested in white T-shirts that are close, but not perfect. This one looks divine.