I proudly introduce to you a new drinking game. Or at least it was new to me until this weekend.

Sloshball, aka kickball for adults with a keg on second base. The rules?

Travis runs

You must hold a beer in your hand at all times.

Sweet first base surprise

Pick up a water balloon at first base and use it as you please.

refilling on second

Chug a beer at second base before moving to third. If you do not drink beer, (ahem) be prepared to take the full wrath of 30 people you just met and be thrown out on third.

Go jesse go!

If you reach third base, ride the scooter (holding your beer, don’t forget) to home. Then run the scooter back to third base.

Better group shot

Oh, and don’t forget to get “sloshed.” There’s no coincidence I’m not in that photo. The thought of keg beer gives me a headache and a stomachache at the same time. Plus, I had doggies to take care of. With my record, there’s no room for error.