my fave ever

Last weekend I hosted a few friends for dinner — a swim & grill get together. Such gatherings are a  reason I love Arizona.  Managing the heat is much easier when you are up to your neck in cool water. Plus, I’ve got this circle of friends who are crazy, funny, committed, honest, caring and crazy. Did I mention the crazy?

The best part is — they totally call me on my crazy.

four colors, five cheese

For example, about a month ago I posted on Facebook that I was buying yarn for my Christmas knitting projects. I was honestly making an order. It never even crossed my mind that posting about Christmas knitting projects in July in Phoenix was silly. Really. Sometimes I’m swimming so far deep in the crazy pool, it seems like an ocean. Adam, however, almost immediately called me out.

It was July.

In Phoenix.

I needed a cool drink and a date, not another order of yarn.




I also feel a little crazy at the moment because let’s be honest — I can think, talk and dream about only one event. There are so many exciting and happy things happening this month, I feel like skipping. As if having this team of amazing friends wasn’t enough, my family is rallying and will be here Tuesday for the signing.  My sixth grade teacher + my favorite teacher from high school are both attending. (Feel free to cry a bit over that. I did.) My elementary school arch nemesis is attending. (Booyah!) And I have a feeling an ex-boyfriend or two may even show, just to add to the stomach churning nervousness of the night. Hey! Maybe they could all sit together and compare notes?

It’s bound to be a night to remember. And I can’t help but hope this is just the beginning.


To have a taste of what I’ve always wanted has made me delirious. I’ve been thinking about how great it will be when I can rent a summer home in the Puget Sound to write. (I’ve got one picked out.) It will be nice to fly into New York for meetings with editors. Heck, I’ve found myself saying:

“Well, with the next book there will certainly be an agent and a publishing house involved.”

“You know your favorite bookstore in Albuquerque, Denver, Portland? Yes. I’m sending copies.”

“I don’t know about a book tour this time, but certainly with the next.”

“Julia should buy the rights. This would be a great movie.”

And perhaps the most egotastic-crazy yet — “Do you want that signed?”

Julia. As in Julia Roberts. What has happened to me? It’s easy to get carried away. It is also easy to under achieve in this life and to shoot for an average existence. I guess I’d rather be crazy excited about life than apathetic.


Thankfully, I’ve got a lot of good people to keep me grounded. Including those who take photos when I leave my camera unattended.

To crazy dreams coming delightfully true,