When I met Kinchie several weeks ago, I had no idea we’d become fast friends. Funny how the world works — it occasionally throws new people together who celebrate life similarly. When she came for community dinner last week, she handed me one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve received — it blew me away. Having cruised my blog and Flickr account a bit, she put together an amazing array of photos that capture my spirit. It was a photo of me and the British Grannie that brought tears; it is incredible when someone you don’t know well has taken the time to know you well.

Kinchie tagged me. In the spirit of new friendships, the Universe bringing together birds of the same feather and all things sassy, I’m playing along:

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1. I fall in love quickly. Rarely has this served me well, and yet — I can’t help but find something I love in just about everyone.

2. I hate my materialistic American side, but damn I’d love a new pair of designer jeans. And while I say I’d never wear a diamond engagement ring, I’ve considered seriously turning in the diamond earrings an ex gave me for a larger, prettier set. All this from a girl who considers herself a pro-Africa humanitarian. Yuck. Pretty! Yuck. The debate rages.

3. I’m nervous about the holidays. I wish my family lived closer and coming together wasn’t a chore, but something that still happened naturally.

4. I dream of taking a love to Africa. We’ll swim on the beaches of Limbe, drink great wine in Stellenbosch, camp in Beira with Ken and Deb iand drink tea after long hikes through Mulange in Malawi. Maybe we’ll swing through Ethiopia on our way home and pick up our kid too. That would be the dreamy Hollywood ending.

5. I think I’ll become an Ironwoman next year and complete the full 140.6. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

6. My favorite number is 21. I look for it places and find it regularly. Every single time it makes me smile.

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