If I were a pop star accepting an MTV music award today, my speech might go something like this:

1. A shout out to the US Postal Service. I hear from friends in other countries who fret about lost mail, paying ridiculous custom fees and simply hoping the postal person doesn’t help themselves to a piece of their packages. Thank you US Postal Service. For $.39, I can send a letter to Alaska and that is just awesome. Plus, you guys generally don’t steal and that is doubly awesome.

2. While I’m on the community services list, the Tempe Library rocks. You have a growing DVD collection and books I can reserve online. Plus, you are free and I don’t have to spend $25 to get my “free” shipping. Instead, I walk less than a mile and viola — books and movies waiting for me at the hold desk. Who needs NetFlix and Amazon when you have this resource 5 minutes away?

3. 8th Continent soy milk. I’m new to the soy game and frankly loving it. Fewer calories, sweeter taste and less environmental impact. I’ve also recently added Morningstar Farms products to my diet and I’m thinking I may be vegetarian before I know it. While I still crave a burger once a month or so, I could go without.

4. NPR podcasts. I bought a new car last week that has one of those spiffy Ipod ports. I can now listen to Michael Feldman any darn time I want. What’s the name of that show? Wait, wait, don’t tell me…

5. And a last simple joy of the day — rainy mornings. I ran through a lightning storm this morning that was scarily beautiful. As bright bolts cracked down on nearby mountains, I watched a giant orange moon fall beneath the horizon and the morning sky turn from inky black to indigo blue. A shout out to Mother Nature, fo shizzle.