{Sweet Lord — Bond is a great conversation piece! From your comments I discover I am in the minority. Many of you would rather curl up next to Sean Connery. Who knew?}

A bit of photographic evidence from the Bond Birthday Bash:

so cute

Isn’t the birthday boy adorable? Love this guy. (He’s also the brains behind the design of this site.) Happy Birthday J!

tolars, 007

The Tolars — 007 style. (It looks like she’s shooting the kitty — when props collide!)

working the red dress

Amanda, working in.

less than pleased

As is her sweet hubby. (Notice the bruise from his snowboarding accident weeks ago. Yikes!)

mattador and mrs mattador

The Mattadors smokin’ by the fire.

the papps

Shay and David, smiling pretty.

man in a tuxedo

And what is it about a man in a tuxedo that automatically makes him hot? I swear you could put a walrus in a penguin suit and he’d get my attention.

Three cheers to theme parties. Nice work Min!