I’m rubbing my two remaining brain cells together to write this post. Yesterday I spent the better part of the afternoon curled up on my couch, watching two very strong men move furniture and install new carpet. This was a renovation project that needed to be done three years ago when I bought my home.

out with the old

Ew. Ew. Ew. So gross, with your giant stains and cat hair from the previous owner. Ew.

gold shag, baby

Why hello, new carpet. You are surprisingly soft, and shag. And a bit too gold. AY.

in with the new

Then again, you have no stains. So, welcome! Make yourself at home.

After 12 hours or so of breathing industrial carpet glue fumes, I’m a bit off today. But I’ve got a new rug and my house looks better than it ever has. Now, to paint the walls to match the carpet. And then there are the drapes…