Dear Finny,
Man, oh man, how I wish you were here. I need you, a pitcher of Ace Pear, a veggie burger and about four hours on the patio of Four Peaks. And of course, a cab.
Rather than drinking away this crazy week, I’ve taken to some Butler therapy. Me + In Stitches + a pattern June says is “easy” + a bunch of shabby chic fabric. And lookie what I made?

Kimono robe

It’s a kimono robe for a certain February birthday girl. I like the blue fabric, but am not so sure about the trim. And as for this baby being easy?

back of kimono robe

Well, June is a master seamstress and I am not. {Have you seen her latest projects? Talented!} This was my first sewn garment and the shoulders are a bit wonky. So, I just added a bit of recycled bias tape and a bit of extra so you can hang the sucker up. What do you think?

goofy model

While I was at it, I made a couple wristlets — because I’m a bit addicted and have that giant eBay zipper stash to go through.

shabby chic wristlet
recycled Africa pouch

This wristlet, I must say, is a fantastic example of recycling. Remember when I tried making those baby dresses from pattern? They were for baby Pia — the newest addition to the 6.5 family. Well, they were a disaster and ended up in my scrap bag — only to be turned into an African pouch. My mom ended up making the dresses anew for me when I visited at Christmas.

Orange dress
Daisy dress

Got to love my mama. She is so darned good behind that sewing machine. Speaking of, what’s the February In Stitches theme? We’ve also got to select January’s winner from the flickr gallery.
You sure you can’t come over for the weekend?


p.s. I bought the new Norah CD today. It is so, so good!